Mariah R. Campoy, PA-C, CHC, Nutritionist, PCP

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Welcome to The SV Wesbite! I am so excited that you are here and ready to change your future! My name is Mariah Campoy, and I am an Arizona-Native. I’m a certified PA, Primary Care Provider, Certified Health Coach, and Nutritionist. My education includes a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences with minors in Psychology and Biochemistry from the University of Arizona (Bear Down!), a Master of Science in PA Studies from Northern Arizona University, and I am currently working on graduate degrees in Nutritional Sciences.

I have a passion for nutrition, and incorporate nutrition education and meal planning into my patient care with hopes of preventing chronic disease and improving outcomes. I started to create this website as guidance for my patients, but realized it may help many people who struggle daily to eat healthy. One of the most common questions I am asked is “Where can I find information about nutrition and wellness?” and the problem I found was that although there are many great sources, it seems none are straightforward. I created this website as a simple guide for the many people who do not have an education in Nutrition and who want to learn more in order to improve their lifestyles. By making this information available to many I hope to not only improve outcomes in all populations, but especially in Native American, African American, and Mexican American communities. Growing up in a multiracial family I was exposed to the devastation caused by chronic diseases within my own family. I think it is time to change this narrative in minority communities. As I move forward I hope to eventually develop enough funding and resources to provide nutrition education to minority communities and medical professionals.

It’s no secret that medical professionals receive little nutrition education. Medical professionals deserve to learn how to guide their patient’s nutrition, and this site can help them do that. As I move forward, I hope to inspire medical providers (PAs, NPs, DOs, or MDs) to incorporate nutrition education into their education allowing them to incorporate nutrition into the clinical treatment of their patients.

Now that you know about me, join me!

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