Forget The Labels! Be Health Conscious.

A Plant Based Lifestyle does not = Vegan or Vegetarian

There is no reason a person should have to choose between Veganism or Vegetarianism.. and I am not asking you to choose between the two. I only ask you to be health conscious.

In this world full of labels we forget to make decisions based purely on our well being. Many decisions are made based on what others may think or on our fear of change.. In this case it is often both.

Food is what we bond over, and some bond over unhealthy food daily.. it’s understandable that fear may overtake the subconscious feeling of guilt as we dig ourselves deeper into an unhealthy lifestyle. And it’s okay, these things are normal, these feelings are human!


Why do I love a Plant Based Lifestyle?

It is NOT strict, it is NOT judgmental, but it IS forgiving.

The “Plant Based Diet” was introduced about 40 years ago by Dr. T. Colin Campbell. He introduced the world of nutritional sciences to the term “plantbased diet” to define a low fat, high fiber, vegetable-based diet that focused on health and not ethics.


Don’t get me wrong ethics are important…We have all grown up in a world built on mass production and exploitation of animals.. and even exploitation of humans. How have humans been exploited? Well, look around you. Companies selling and marketing foods to specific populations, adding chemicals to the food that can literally make them addicting and cancer causing… exploiting children by having them watch ads on television with colorful candy, drinks and ice cream spiking their little sugar sensors to want more. There are even people of power who downplay the essentialness of dietitians, nutritionists and naturopaths – although they are at the forefront of changing the American Diet and really saving lives.

Although plant based lifestyles are what vegetarianism and veganism are both built around, there is no rule stating a plant based human must consume “no meat ever”. The lifestyle is about moderation. Maybe you plan to eat meat on holidays, maybe you plan to eat meat yearly, but your lifestyle is built around being health conscious.

“Your Lifestyle is Built Around Being Health Conscious”

Now don’t get me wrong meat is the cause of many of our health problems, and I do push for you to consume meat on rare occasions to sustain optimal health, but I am realistic in knowing where you come from and what you are up against. The great thing is, if you lean towards a plant based diet you WILL be taking control of your life, you WILL be reducing meat consumption and the income of corporate food companies, and you WILL help fight back against animal cruelty on farms.

The one thing about Plant Based Lifestyles, Vegan Lifestyles, and Vegetarian lifestyles is that they are all based on becoming health conscious, but sometimes the ethics behind Veganism and Vegetarianism, or even the simple label of both, scare people away from wellness. The labels make them forget about their well being and their fear overcomes the thoughts of change.

But there’s something different about the Plant Based Lifestyle, it makes me feel that if I fall off the wagon I have built a good enough foundation to pick myself up, because.. I am not vegan, I am not vegetarian, I am human.

“I Am Human”

I call all of us to listen to our nutrition experts and become health conscious! Learn about Plant Based Lifestyles, understand them and learn to incorporate nutrition into your life. Do not let this world take away one of the most important aspects of your life – YOUR HEALTH.

Your’s Truly,


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