Food is our comfort. Food is our enemy. Food is our Medicine.

If you re-read the above statements you can probably relate to at least one of them. Food has been studied over and over again as a cure for disease, and a cause of disease. As heart disease remains as the first cause of death, and as chronic diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune, etc.) reduce quality of life, plant based diets are becoming more and more popular. For the American’s who refuse to take chronic medications… nutritionists and medical providers around the nation are starting to recommend a plant based diet to cure high cholesterol and improve quality of life. But, as you know it is not that simple. Which is why TSV Nutrition and Wellness was created to help patient’s/clients transition to a balanced meat inclusive diet (low cholesterol) OR fully transition to a plant based diet (no cholesterol).

All it takes is 30 days of commitment.

We will utilize your current eating habits and food preferences to create meal guides and follow up sessions to assure your success.

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The Struggling Vegetarian Is Giving Back  

Growing up in a low-income community myself, I understand the struggles found within low income communities. Therefore, I would never make the services I provide unattainable within these communities. Due to limited man power at this time, I can only provide free sessions to 1 family/client every few months. The Struggling Vegetarian will make a pact to provide a Free SV program focusing on Nutrition Education and Guidance to at least 15 families per year by 2025.  
To be considered please submit a letter to us explaining why you feel you or your family would benefit most from a Free Program.  Contact Us if you have questions.
**There is no cost, and The Struggling Vegetarian will provide assistance with groceries throughout the program.