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Who dictates the food brought into most american homes?

Generally, who should eat the same amounts in the home? (Based on sedentary lifestyles)

What is the most important aspect of creating a nutritious lifestyle for ourselves?

True or False: Dairy is required in all diets.

What is

Enter the plan you plan to use for each day of the week, this will be emailed to you for your own reference (optional):
Monday 3:2 plan 
Tuesday 3:2 plan...

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*All of the information here is from the author’s nutrition education, and continued education via nutrition textbooks,, and pubmed research articles that are not biased and have good accuracy. This information is not meant to diagnose or treat any condition. This information is to be read and utilized at your own will, and the author is not responsible for any outcomes that come from utilizing this information. This information may be discussed with and adjusted by your dietitian, nutritionist, or medical provider for a more personalized plan. If you have any questions feel free to contact us via the Contact Page. For sources Click Here.