Taking The First Steps

We are so excited to read your letter. Myself and my SV partners will read through letters every 90 days for candidates. To prevent bias do not place your name on the document, the only identification we will need will be your phone number and email. Once done submit below.

The first cycle will start January 1st 2021 to start off the new year. If selected a program will be customized to your needs and availability. If selected you will be notified, if not selected, you will be notified and encouraged to apply for the next cycle.  (1000 word limit)


  • Subscribe to the TSV Email List – You will be automatically subscribed once you enter your information and submit this form.
  • Follow TSV on Instagram and Facebook: Instagram and/or Facebook and/or Pinterest
  • Commitment and readiness to change your lifestyle.


  • Write your letter in Microsoft Word or Google Docs so you can put thought into your letter and work on it on and off per your schedule, then paste in the box.
  • Give details on why you think you or your family deserve to go through a Free TSV Nutrition Program?
  • What will you gain from a program?
  • Show your commitment to changing your lifestyle.
  • Show your readiness for change.