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Below you will notice 3 buttons. Each button will have it’s own contents that will help you Learn, Plan,and Act on creating a healthier lifestyle. Take things slow, go through each section in detail over a few weeks, even jot down notes and questions. Each column has a set of goals you should accomplish before moving on to the next. If you follow each section with the best of your abilities you should be able to live a healthier lifestyle. Sure you will slip up, you are human, but if needed print out the section most important to you and refer back as much as possible. And if you ever have questions, Contact Us and I will answer them for you!

Cheers to living healthy!

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Week 1

This page will focus on the fundamentals of nutrition. Things you need to know in order to make healthy living easier, such as how to read a nutrition label, and ingredients list. Servings of each macro nutrient you need, and what makes a good fat and a good carb! You may not remember all of the information but it will make you more aware of the things that are going on around you.

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Week 2-3

The planning section will require that you determine the nutrition needs of the people in your home whether it is:

  • Family
  • Couples
  • Individuals

It will also give you information on specific schedules that may suit your life style whether you are a doctor or a truck driver.

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Week 4-5

This page will focus on meal planning and costs for the typical Struggling Vegetarian. Can you do this if you have a low budget for groceries? Yes. You may have less variety in your life, but yes you can. It may require eating whole wheat pasta or lentil soup for dinner most days but let me tell you, I did that for years and I loved it! As you end your journey here, remember that The Struggling Vegetarian is here for all questions, and much more. Sign up for our Newsletter, so you can get weekly updates on blog posts, raffles, and more! Join our family and let’s move forward together.