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New “guidelines” say continue red meat consumption habits, but recommendations contradict evidence (2019)
Plant-based meat lowers some cardiovascular risk factors compared with red meat, study finds
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Nutritional Psychiatry: Your Brain on Food
Harvard | Eggs and cholesterol back in the spotlight in new study
“For those who are generally healthy, low to moderate intake of eggs can be included as part of a healthy eating pattern, but they are not essential. For example, there is a range of other foods one can choose for a variety of healthful breakfasts, such as whole grain toast with nut butter, fresh fruits, and plain yogurt.”

MedicalNewsToday | How might the keto diet help treat cancer?

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  • TSV Nutrition & Wellness: Should You Take A Multivitamin?
    In the modern world people are beginning to look for ways to improve their health, not only with food, but with supplements. Supplements are all around us, in the form of protein shakes, vitamins, minerals, protein bars, herbal powders and collagen powders. Yet how do we know exactly which ones are the best for us.
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    As people start to face the reality of the affects food has on their health, they are faced with considering vegetarianism. If this is you, […]
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    It’s a new age. Nutrition has been put on the back burner for years… until now. Medical providers around the nation are starting to incorporate […]
  • What The Heck Are GMOs & Why Do They Matter?
    What is a GMO? “GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism” A GMO is any type of organism, plant, or animal, whose genetic material has been manipulated […]
  • Why Childhood Obesity Is A Big Deal
    This week I was on Arizona’s Channel 3 News discussing how childhood obesity may be exacerbated by the pandemic. Of course this was a news […]